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  • Main window
  • Main window
  • Main window
  • Scenes Preview
  • Game Interface
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  • Selecting A Sport Aircarft
  • Demo Downloading

Editorial review

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 4.0
RealFlight R/C Flight Simulator G4 is the latest version of this realistic flight simulation game. We can download and test free of charge a Demo from the developer's website. On this site we can find information about the program, including a 332 pages PDF manual, discussion board, knowledge base, technical support,where to buy both local and internationally, system requirements, product upgrades, etc.
From the Main Interface we can access the toolbar featuring 11 options with multiple set-ups&features (most of them are not available in the free Demo),including 27 airport scenes,4 aircraft models with 4D rotating image,description and specification,multiplayer,recording,training,view,window.
The keyboard commands are used for controlling zoom, environment, wind direction/ speed and the whole instrument control panel. There are included many screenshots for us to see what we can do in the full feature version, i.e. lots of superb landscapes, including alpine,lake,port,dessert, evergreen,nocturnal,fairground, aircraft acrobatic movements,night view, virtual flight trainer card, and many more.


  • Overtaking Views & Scenarios.
  • Excellent colourful high quality 4D design.
  • Great aircraft selection.
  • ree demo available.


  • None.

What's new in version 5.5

In just over a decade, constant refinements have made RealFlight the world’s most advanced and popular flight simulator as well as the most effective R/C flight training tool available. Now, you can experience its famous “at-field” accuracy in DeadRinger™ and Hardcore Combat — two new multiplayer combat events that push the envelopes of sim science and pilot skill farther out than ever before! Being the first pilot to fly through the floating rings is difficult, but doing it while other pilots try to shoot you down…? Almost impossible. In Hardcore Combat, sustaining high-g maneuvers will cause progressively fading vision at best, and unconsciousness and a crash at worst. With Sky Grid, you can overlay a colored grid on the sky to ensure perfectly symmetrical patterns and pinpoint entries and exits.

Publisher's description

Select a single opponent from any number of participants and track his movement throughout the virtual Combat arena. Choose a name, select an avatar, and create your own profile to share — including a personal statement, flight hours logged and points accumulated in Combat Events. With the Multiplayer feature and an Internet connection, the possibilities are virtually unlimited. You can connect with an instructor for one-on-one tutoring, do combat with a single opponent or a patrol — or host multiplayer events for a whole squadron. You can invite guests, choose sites, aircraft and events, limit play by points or elapsed time — and automate it all, so you can join the fun, too. Orient your flight to lights on the field below. Test your skills at the nighttime 3D Obstacle Course or check out the 3D Nighttime Carnival.
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